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Adopt/Foster Application 
Required fields marked with an *
Would you like to Adopt or Foster a Dog

Please list two Personal References we may contact that have seen you interact with pets

Please list all household resident names (including children), beginning with yourself, ages, relationship, and occupation if applicable

Do you have children or grandchildren that frequently visit your household?
If Yes, how often

Please list the name, age, species, breed, gender and temperament for current pets:

Pet 1 Gender
Pet 2 Gender
Pet 3 Gender
Pet 4 Gender
Have all of your pets been neutered or spayed?
Are all of your pets current on vaccinations?
Have they had a Bordetella Shot?
Do any of your pets have any health issues?
Do any of your pets have behavioral or dominance issues?
Do you give Whimpers to Wags Rescue, Inc. permission to contact your veterinarian to verify information?
Are all members of the household aware that you will be bringing home a new pet and agree to the additional family member?
Are you willing to permit a home visit with everyone in your household present?
Do any of your family members have allergies to animals?
Do you rent or own?
What best describes your home
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you have a doggy door?
Do you have a front screen door?
Are your pets allowed on the furniture?
Have you ever had to give up a pet?
Are you prepared for the financial responsibility of owning a dog?
Are you willing to take the dog to obedience classes if needed?
It may take a while for your new pet to adjust to its new home. It will need some potty training. Are you willing to wait/work with your pet during this time?
Are you familiar with your local pet limit including animal control and HOA regulations?
Are you under the limit?
You will likely get a follow-up call, email, and/or a home visit from a Whimpers to Wags Rescue, Inc. volunteer to make sure everything is going well with your new pet. Do you consent to this?

I have read and completed all questions on the application truthfully to the best of my knowledge.  I understand Whimpers to Wags Rescue, Inc. will rely on the information I have provided to process this application.  By submitting this document, I understand that this is not a guaranteed approval.  If false information is discovered at any time, Whimpers to Wags Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to reclaim possession of the animal.

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